Marriage Material 150cm Psychedelic Art Banner
Marriage Material 150cm Psychedelic Art Banner

Marriage Material 150cm Psychedelic Art Banner

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I started this magical piece with the intention of honouring my art before having my Spinal Surgery. On the second day of painting it, I could tell it was going to be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen... A little voice inside told me it was called 'Marriage material' (because its so beautiful I can see myself spending the rest of my life with it) 

I could tell I was in for an intense journey so I chose to lean heavily on my more masculine, disciplined side for guidance... Thios is a very disciplined piece... I made the linear structures represent the masculine, consciousness, direction, stability and  all of the playful feminine elements are dynamic and flowing and organic... together they make a wonderful harmonious nurturing playground!

I've been pursuing this type of harmony in my work for 5 years now and am very happy to see it like this! I'm so tickled every time I look into this painting...  It's like my eye is guided on a different journey every time. Each element flows seemlessly into the next and the whole piece appears as one freeflowing cosmic dance

It took a solid month to complete and I have literally poured my heart and soul into this piece and I feel as if it both sings and dances visually... I see my love so clearly in 'Marriage Material' so I take great pride in sharing it with you... My hope is that everyone who owns it gets to enjoy as a visual representation of how playful and deeply fulfilling love can truly be!

Of course I gifted this piece to my wife. I will get to spend the rest of my life with it! Thank you for taking it into your life, I hope it brings you great joy