++Next Level 150cm UV Tapestries

Here they are! My long awaited Next Level 150cm UV Tapestries! Quality and durability were the main focus during 6 months of RnD... Each Tapestry has been carefully crafted to last a lifetime with:

> Lightfast/ Colourfast UV Reactive Sublimation Printing
> Durable Heavyweight Fabric
> Reinforced Seams and Eyelets

Owning one of these Tapestries is as close as can be to the power of owning one of my original UV Reactive artworks but at a tiny fraction of the cost. The original artworks printed on these tapestries have sold for as much as $3000 each. 

These Next Level Tapestries are a little more expensive than our standard banners but I Personally Guarantee they will exceed your expectations the moment you activate them with a UV light!

With the power of UV, these tapestries are like having Huge Closed Eye Visuals on your wall!! They are truly Next Level and I can’t tell you how proud it makes me as an artist to be living this dream! Thank you all for sharing this journey down the rabbit hole of Closed Eye Visual Art and for taking my explorations into your life! It makes me so happy to see my art having such powerful positive effects around the world

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