!NEW! 3 METRE ROOM EATER UV Reactive Tapestries

These 3 Metre Room Eaters are so badass!!! They will transform any space into a psychedelic wonderland once the UV light hits them!

NEW UV tapestries are my proudest achievement in a long time! Over 18 months or R&D has gone into making them as vibrant as the current technology possibly can. They are as close to a perfect reproduction of my original UV Reactive artworks as is possible in 2021! 

I know that if you welcome these tapestries into your life you'll be thrilled! As much care as I take with photos, they are so much more vibrant and alive in person.  You will have an instant portal to a psychedelic wonderland...

The moment UV light hits these tapestries and they light up for the first time is absolutely breathtaking and I find myself captivated, quietly sitting and staring whenever I stare into one. I know you'll love them <3 They are great meditation focus points. I'm so proud to share them with you!

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